The flooding we are seeing in British Columbia, while a natural disaster that could not be prevented, should be a wakeup call for all homeowners. Given that these types of events are occurring more regularly and will likely be seen as a sign of climate change by many, these overland floods will often lead to overwhelmed sewer systems and that could lead to the even more ugly flood in homes – the sewer backup flood. And the fact is: even if your immediate area is not inundated by an overland flood, you may experience sewer backup floods as the excess flow tries to dissipate and overwhelms sewer systems in lower lying areas. Such sewer backups are often preventable, and many homeowners are now looking towards prevention where prevention is possible, with the addition and maintenance of backwater valves that blocks access to the home from the flooded sewer before the backup can occur.

However, that is not the only impact homeowners should look out for. The following three articles provide additional insight on the implications from the perspective of insurance, insurance costs, insurance affordability and insurance coverage.

This article (Up to 10% of homes could now be ‘uninsurable’ because of flood risk. Yours may be one of them) discusses how up to 10% of homes could now be uninsurable due to flood risks, and is based on surface floods or risk to dwellings near other water sources. It highlights how insurance companies are protecting their profits, and homeowners are encouraged to ask very pointed and direct questions about their flood insurance and sewer backup insurance status to their insurance advisor.

The second article (Flood insurance could become ‘luxury for the rich’) quotes insurance expert Jason Thistlethwaite, an associate professor at the School of Environment, Enterprise and Development at the University of Waterloo in Ontario who says “Insurability — or markets where insurance is available and affordable — is eroding in Canada. Unless we make more effort to manage climate risk, insurance will become a luxury for the rich and unaffordable for most.”

The last article (Cost of damage from B.C. flooding could be ‘catastrophic,’ expert says) highlights the likelihood that the cost of the BC floods will be catastrophic and that homeowners should pay special attention to their insurance costs as a consequence.

As an organization that is positioned to help homeowners prevent flooding, especially sewer backup flooding, Backwater Solutions undertakes inspections of the homeowner’s property and identifies areas of weakness, however if addressed will reduce the risk of both overland and sewer backup floods. While catastrophic overland flooding cannot be prevented, many other floods do occur, and homeowners need not feel they are helpless to protect themselves. We have experts that can help advise and make changes in homes that make them safer from flooding. All it requires is the willingness and a determination to take charge of one’s own home. To read how we do that, click here.