Environmental Sustainability

Our Policy

Backwater Solutions Canada and their affiliates operate in a manner that supports ecological, social and environmental ethics. More specifically, we all striv

  1. To sustain and enhance our natural resources – airsheds, watersheds, shoreline, landscapes, flora and fauna\
  2. To reduce consumption and increase efficiency in resource and material use
  3. To maintain and improve the health, cleanliness, safety and vitality of our neighbourhoods
  4. To foster an educated, aware and engaged community acting as responsible stewards for the environment
  5. To create, adapt and apply best environmental and risk minimization practices.

Our initiatives are in place to positively impact all aspects of our business including reductions in waste, energy use and water use. When possible we implement biodegradable components into our everyday operations.

We continue to look for better ways to keep our environment clean from pollutants on the ground surface or in the water systems by educating our service technicians and customers on proper environmentally sustainable methods.

For more details about our environmental sustainability initiatives, please don’t hesitate to contact us