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Floods are becoming the most deadly and costly natural occurrence that affects homeowners today. Not only does that affect us overland, but it also occurs inside homes when our sewers are overwhelmed, which consequently leads to a sewer backup – finding its way to deposit the contents of these pipes inside people’s basement, if they don’t have the protection of a backwater valve.

Backwater Solutions Canada will facilitate an effective external protection of the home by not only implementing a sewer backup strategy, but they will also perform a Water Management System Inspection of the home and provide guidelines to home owners that will limit the risk associated with all flood risks.

Having a knowledgeable backwater valve cleaning company with a sense of dedication and excellence will dramatically reduce a home owners risk and cost if a flood occurs in the neighborhood. As global warming continues to increase, so will the risk of flooding.

Backwater Solutions Canada has years of experience in backwater valve installation and maintenance. We installed thousands of valves, know the problems that will occur if the valves aren’t maintained, and we know how to prevent the possibility of flooding in homes. Our knowledgeable team can professionally identify your flood risks during the backwater valve inspection and inform you in detail of the inspection.

Backwater Solutions Canada focuses exclusively on the issues surrounding backwater valves and its critical role in the home, from the point of view of the homeowner and the insurance industry alike.

Take an active approach to prevention – it could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

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