Homeowners: flooding is on the rise and sewage backup in your basement is a real risk.

4 Reasons why basement flooding is on the rise.

1. Increasing extreme rain (and snow) events

2. Aging municipal infrastructure (especially combined stormwater and sewer systems)

3. Inadequate flood protection measures at the household level

4. More hard surfaces and less absorbent green space as urban areas develop

Top 3 gross items found in basement floodwater


1. Raw Sewage (ewww)


2. Hazardous waste (chemical, medical, toxic, explosive, etc.)

3. Sharp objects (broken glass, metal blades, needles, etc.)

-Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

How do you stop a disgusting sewage flood in your basement?

You need a backwater valve

Most homes have one, but it will only work if it’s cleaned and maintained twice a year along with other flood checks.

What is a Backwater Valve?

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A backwater valve lets waste water from your house enter the municipal sewer system but stops sewer water from backing up into your home. Annual maintenance prevents it from jamming due to debris, oil, or grease.

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