“Flooding is currently the most costly hazard in terms of urban property damage, and water-related losses have surpassed fire and theft as the principal source of property insurance claims.” –Institute of Municipal Finance and Governance, 2017

“We all have to learn the lessons of climate change. The impacts here are powerful, dangerous, and damaging. [Flooding] is one of the most obvious manifestations of a changing climate” –Hon., Ralph Goodale, Canadian Minister of Public Safety, 2019.

The global warming to flood connection

Whether you believe climate change is due to human activity or is simply a natural phase of our planet, the fact remains that every year there is an increase in precipitation events. Those events have dramatically increased the number and severity of devastating urban flood events across the country.

Insurance Companies, Brokers, and Agents

The insurance industry is front and center to this growing issue but carry much of the associated costs unnecessarily. Insurance industry partners could significantly reduce the IBC’s estimate of $960 million lost in flood claims each year through education, cooperation, and communication with companies devoted to flood protection. Do you want to know how to reduce claim payouts and secure long-term client relationships? The best place to start is right here.

Home Builders

Cities and townships are quickly learning that flood prevention is most effective when considered in the planning stages of a home or community. As a builder, you are in a unique position to make flood prevention an integral and valuable feature of a home’s safety arsenal, instead of an aftermarket band-aid solution.Learn more here.


Municipalities play a very important role in flood prevention. When a flood event occurs in a home or an entire neighbourhood, people turn to you, the township or municipality, for help and advice. Do you know what to say when they call? Do you know how to protect the people in your community from the worst kind of urban flooding; sewer backup? Click here for more information:

Home Owners

You, as a homeowner, are most personally affected by flooding. It’s your home; it’s your family. Currently, there are approximately 2 million Canadian households at risk of flooding, and that number will continue to rise with the increase in precipitation events. Compounding this growing concern is the fact that increased urban development is putting additional pressure on storm-water drains and sewers, making municipal sewer system backups more frequent every year. If your home is not at risk now, projections are that it will be soon. Are you prepared? Are you protected? Are you taking advantage of government incentives? Be sure. Click here to learn how to protect your home and family.






How Much Does It Cost?

A flooded basement costs an average of $43,000 to repair, according to the latest numbers from the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC).


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